Welcome to the Carer Hub

The Carer Hub has been designed to provide important information to support people in Australia who are already caring for a child or children in care as well as anyone considering becoming a carer.

Firstly, to those of you that are already a carer (foster, relative or kinship carer), thank you for your decision to become a carer. I hope you find the Carer Hub has useful information for your ongoing carer journey.

If you are thinking about becoming a foster or relative/kinship carer, The Carer Hub is designed to provide you with information that should help you with your decision making. I wish you well as you consider this decision.

As a foster carer myself, I truly wish I could have found information which wasn’t written by an foster care agency or government, but rather a more objective perspective that wasn’t trying to sign me up as a carer. I didn’t have that and I really had to take a leap of faith when deciding on which agency I would go with.  

Now I have 8 years of caring experience behind me and I can honestly say I am still learning to be the best foster parent I can be. I have bad days, I have good days – just like every parent.

I also have the benefit of working in the child welfare sector which means I have plenty of knowledge that is helpful to existing or future carers.

I am intentionally writing ‘bite sized’ blog posts in acknowledgement of our busy lives… I aim to provide you with key messages/suggestions that can support you as a carer without taking up too much of your time.

The Carer Hub is my contribution to you and importantly to the close to 50 000 children and young people in care in Australia. They absolutely deserve a positive and healing experience in care, whether this is for a few months, many years or a second family throughout their lives.

I hope you enjoy the A-Z of fostering and please provide me any feedback that will help ensure it includes the information you are looking for.